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Maybe you are an indie music artist in search of a creative advocate, a band needing a steady hand to help make a great recording, or a record label wanting to bring in just the right creative spirit to guide your new artist; I can help.

  • PRODUCING - I'm there from the first meeting all the way to the record release party. My ultimate mission is to help my artists find the muse, create, record and mix all of the elements that make up an album, EP or single release. Before even stepping  into a studio I'm available to help artists with setting goals, timelines, budgets, selecting studios, hiring musicians and singers. I'm there as an advocate to help my artists get out of their own head and I'm there every step along the way to act as trusted pro who will make sure they are encouraged and supported. I keep an ear on the million little decisions that help make a record great.

  • ENGINEERING AND MIXING - It's my passion to make a recording that captures the magic of a song from the studio performance. I have a seasoned knowledge of studio techniques and music production software. I can serve as recording engineer and mixer but often I will hire a recording engineer for sessions and mix myself.

  • MASTERING COORDINATION - When mixes are completed, mastering is final step before the music is sent for streaming, replication (CD/Vinyl) or download. It's the sonic equivalent of correcting colors and brightness in a series of photographs, or making the flavors harmonize with each other over the courses of a meal. I work in collaboration with my artist and the mastering engineer to assure technical finishing touches such as loudness, sonic uniformity and meta-data inclusion.

  • ARRANGING - Perhaps an artist and I feel that a small string section would make a track simmer or a few brass instruments might make it sizzle. I've studied arrangement in college and in life. I dream up parts that support the song, make a demo of them for the artist and then once everything feels great I prep the sheet music for players at the session. I provide arranging for records I'm producing as well as for those of other producers.

  • SONGWRITING/CO-WRITING - Sometimes an artist needs a trusted co-writer to help identify the strengths of a song and re-visit any weaknesses. I'm there to hold up the mirror and help refine the song.

  • PERFORMING - I play electric bass, guitar, mandolin, keyboards and percussion. I'm available to perform on tracks in the studio or on the stage. My knowledge of these and other instruments comes in handy because I can easily help artists and bands find their way if needed when in the studio.

fees are negotiated based on the specific time, studio, travel, talent and other parameters of each individual project.




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